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2002: Proceedings of the ESA-IEJ Joint Symposium on Electrostatics

J. M. Crowley, Mark Zaretsky, Ghaffar Kazkaz, eds.

vii + 404 pages

In June of 2002 the Electrostatic Society of America and the Institute of Electrostatic-Japan held the their fifth joint symposium at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. Topics included: Biological Applications, Electrostatic Computations, Electrostatic Charging and Particles, Electrostatic Phenomena and Process, Plasma Processes, Instrumentation and Measurement, Charging Dissipation and Neutralization.

The list of presentations appears below. Presentations that "Abstracts Only" were submitted for the Proceedings are noted at the end of the listing.


Biological Applications

Nanoscale Electrostatics in Prometaphase and Metaphase Chromosome Motions, L. John Gagliardi

Detection of Restriction Enzyme on the Stretched DNA Molecules by Atomic Force Microscope, Jun Komatsu, Shunichi Matsuura, Michihiko Nakano, Kazunori Takashima, Shinji Katsura and Akira Mizuno

Development of a Surrogate Human Airway System for Studying Site Specific Lung Deposition of Inhaled Medical Aerosols, Divey Saini, C. U. Yurteri, N. Grable, R. A. Sims, M. K. Mazumder

Electrostatic Properties of Tubulin and Microtubules, J. A. Tuszy´nski, J. A. Brown, E. J. Carpenter, and E. Crawford

Improvement of Electric Technology of Lactic Acid Production, I. Vutcariova and M. Bologa

Electrostatic Computations

Fast Electrostatics Computations in Simulations of Biological Molecules, Gary A. Huber (Abstract only)

Application of Genetic Algorithm for Arrangement of Fictitious Charges and Contour Points in Charge Simulation Method for Electrodes with 3-D Asymmetrical Structure, Ryo Nishimura, Katsumi Nishimori, and Naganori Ishihara

Some Electrostatic Problems for Overlapping Spheres and Cylinders, D. Palaniappan

Symmetry Considerations for Electrostatically Deflected Elastic Membranes, J. A. Pelesko (Abstract only)

Electrostatic Charging and Particles

Charging Characteristics of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by Single Non-Sliding Contact with Metals, A. R. Akande

Experimental Results of a Mission-Ready Triboelectric Device for Mars Robotic Missions, C. I. Calle, C. R. Buhler, J. G. Mantovani, E. E. Groop, A. W. Nowicki, and M. D. Hogue

Effect of Strain on Charging Phenomena with Ice Specimens, Hisashi Shio and Kohki Itoh (Abstract only)

The Influence of Moisture on Charge Formation in Cross-linked Polyethylene, Yasuo Sekii, Takahiro Uchimura, Takashi Ohbayashi, Takashi Maeno

An Analysis of Toner Cloud in Xerographic Dual-component Development, Akihiko Noda, Yoshiro Yamaguchi, Manabu Takeuchi

Electrostatic Effects on the Transport and Dispersion of Pharmaceutical Powders, C. U. Yurteri, N. Grable, G. Ahuja, A.S. Biris, and M. K. Mazumder

Application of Induction Charging to Monodisperse Aerosol Generator, Takashi Sato and Yoji Nakajima (Abstract only)

Triboelectrification of Polymeric Powders by Ultrasound Irradiation, Shinya Teraoka, Masaaki Namekawa and Kazuo Ikezaki (Abstract only)

Transporting FOUPs as a Driver for ESD-Induced EMI, Larry B. Levit (Abstract only)

Electrostatic Phenomena and Process

Effect of Machine and Solution Properties on Liquid Electrostatic Coating Efficiency, J. Abu-Ali and S. A. Barringer

Preference for Electrostatic Versus Non-electrostatic Coated Potato Chips, Sheryl Barringer and Puntarika Ratanatriwong

Microstructure of Particle Deposition in Electrostatic Powder Coating Process and Its influence on the Appearance of the Cured Polymer Powder Films, A. S. Biris, C. U. Yurteri, M. K. Mazumder, and R. A. Sims

Test Results from a Pilot-Scale Electrostatic Separator Cleaning Particulates from Coal-Fired Power Plant Exhaust Gas, Bruce H. Easom, Ralph Altman, and Wallace A. Harrison

An Electrostatic System for Removing Water Vapor from Air, Stuart A. Hoenig

Study of Remediation of Heavy Metals Contaminated Soil Using Electrokinetic Method, Tomoyoshi Shoji, Masafumi Suzuki and Noboru Yoshimura (Abstract only)

Electrohydrodynamic Spraying (EHDS) of Conductive Liquids and Mass Transfer in EHDS Distillation Columns, Evghenii P. Maximuk and Alfons Vogelpohl

Electric Paper Displays, Joseph M. Crowley (Abstract only)

Bubbles and Sprites, T. V. Prevenslik

Cavity QED Induced Photoelectric Effect, T. V. Prevenslik

Transverse Coupling between Two Parallel Rectangular Optical Waveguides, Ghaffar Kazkaz

Bi-Directional Electrostatic Actuator Operated With Charge Control, T. Sugimoto, M. Horenstein, K. Nonaka, and J. Baillieul

Plasma Processes

Control of Charging Characteristics of Polymer Powder by Plasma Treatment in Nitrogen Gas of Atmospheric Pressure, Yuji Murata and Toshiyuki Nagasawa (Abstract only)

A Novel Atmospheric Plasma-Fluidized Bed Reactor for Surface Modification of Polymer Powders, R. Sharma, R. A. Sims and M. K. Mazumder

Measurement of Negative Oxygen Radicals in Pulsed Corona Plasma near the Atmospheric Pressure, Masateru Nishioka, Takamasa Seta, Yukimasa Baba, Masayoshi Sadakata (Abstract only)

NOx Concentration Technique using Pulsed Corona Plasma, G. Tanioka, M. Inoue, T. Kuroki, M. Okubo, and T. Yamamoto

Wide Region Plasma Reactor Using Multi-Point Ring Electrode System in Water, Anto Tri Sugiarto, Daigo Kon-no, Takayuki Ohshima, and Masayuki Sato (Abstract only)

Non-Thermal Plasma Process for Dilute TCE Decomposition, Tetsuji Oda and Kei Yamaji

Charging Dissipation and Neutralization

Nellie G. Fletcher - The First ESA Teacher of the Yea, Anne S. Benninghoff (Abstract only)

The Dollar Store Electrostatics Lab: Helping Students Build Conceptual Models of Electrostatics with Inexpensive Equipment, Robert A. Morse

Two Solutions for Polarity Detector of Electrostatic Field, Liviu Matei, Angela Antoniu, Valeriu David and Robert Istoc

Measurement of Electrostatic Charge of an Aerosol Using a Grid-probe, Matti Murtomaa, Satu Strengell, Ensio Laine and Adrian Bailey

Analysis of Noise Absorption Characteristics of Ceramic Varistor Using Equivalent Circuit, Masafumi Suzuki, Mahmudul Kabir and Noboru Yoshimura (Abstract only)

Charge Dissipation and Neutralization

An Equation For Charge Decay Valid in Both Conductors and Insulators, Albert E. Seaver

Corrosion Resistance of Thin Powder Coated Films, S. De, A. S. Biris, M. K. Mazumder, R. A. Sims, and A. Shaikh

High Ionic Conductivity of New Polymer Complex Films, Yoshiro Tajitsu

Objective Methods for In-Situ Characterizing Performance of Static Bars for Web Neutralization, Petr Gefter and Mark Blitshteyn

Neutralization of Static Charges by an Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge, A. Ohsawa